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Breeding Quality Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats for Show and Milk Production


Members of  the American Goat Society (AGS) and the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA)

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Cynthia & Russell Wickliffe

Cedar Creek, TX 78612

Phone: 512-573-0133

Email: Cynthia@HarlequinGoats.com

Home to Cynthia & Russell Wickliffe and a whole bunch of furry and feathered critters!  After getting married in 1999, we moved to a cookie-cutter house in the ‘burbs of Austin, TX and lived there about 10 years.  For much of that time, we day-dreamed about buying a little place with acreage in the country where we could stretch out our arms without hitting a neighbor on either side.  When our little suburban backyard was overtaken by a massive vegetable garden and the neighbors were giving us funny looks because we were the only ones they knew who had pet chickens, we figured it was time to move to greener pastures...literally.

So, in November of 2009 we bought a little place with 5 acres in Cedar Creek, TX.  Still close enough to commute to Austin for work, but far enough away to enjoy the quiet of country living.  Which, by the way, is a complete fabrication as anybody who spends 5 minutes on our farm can tell you that it is far from quiet as we are surrounded by the sounds of chickens clucking, geese honking, guineas squawking, and goats yelling.  But we much prefer those sounds to the noise of people, so it’s all good.

Our initial goal with goats was to buy a few to help keep the brush clear on our land and to provide a little milk for making cheese and soap.  After researching the many available breeds, we settled on Nigerian Dwarfs as the right breed for our needs and further research led to the discovery that Texas happens to have some of the top herds of Nigerians in the country as well as an active show scene.  After attending our first show and meeting some of these breeders in person, we were bitten by the show bug.  We began building our herd by buying from these herds and were off and running to our first shows the same year.  Our focus is on producing animals that are sound, healthy, and perform both in the show ring and the milk pail. 

***Before contacting us with questions, please be sure to read our FAQ page and our Terms & Conditions page.  Thanks!***